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We take pride in our family friendly atmosphere and welcome everyone to our club. Our students enjoy a close relationship with our instructors, and have formed strong bonds with each other.

This Is Us.

A brief history of us.

IKK Whitstable was first founded in the early 2000s as one of first independent branches of International Karate. After much success, Sensei Kevin and Senpai Emily took over the club in 2019 along with a team of dedicated helpers behind the scenes. 

Although the early 2020s was a difficult period for all, the club went from strength to strength, moving from our old venue to the more spacious one of Swalecliffe School, a move that saw an influx of new students.

Homegrown Talent.

All our instructors began karate through International Karate. As the IKK Whitstable team grew over the years and more experienced students earned the highest grades possible, many began teaching.


Our instructors are specialists in different areas within Kyokushin Karate, however they all have a shared interest in nurturing and helping students develop their skills. 

As taking part of a lesson is a requirement in black belt gradings, teaching the students that they also used train with is a helpful tool for those preparing for an important milestone in their karate journey. It also helps boost their confidence and the students already have a great relationship with our younger instructors.

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