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Teaching Is Our Speciality.

We cater our classes to what best suits our students needs and add a little bit of fun in along the way.

What we offer.

International Karate Whitstable is predominantly ran by Sensei Kevin and Senpai John who, along with a group of helpers, have over 25 years of experience in traditional Kyokushin Karate. Though we have many aims, our main one is establishing a safe and happy environment for our students and instructors, where they can flourish and we can nurture their talent.


Besides teaching traditional karate classes and preparations for gradings, we also offer self defence, weapons work (knives (adult classes only) and nunchaku), bag work and breaking. A key feature of our lessons is working on students fitness and with partners and within a group, which is an essential part of preparation for tournaments held by our organisation.

We believe the best way to understand what we do is for new students to immerse themselves within the class rather than spectate. We do not offer free trial classes.


When we train.

We train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Swalecliffe Community Primary School. Our junior classes for those aged between 6 and 11 are held at 6pm to 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday and our senior classes for students aged 12 years and older run from 7pm to 8:30pm, also on a Tuesday and Thursday. We run an invite only class on Monday's for students of a set age and grade, helping our current students make the step up to a more intense class, better preparing them for the transition into the adult class.

Due to insurance reasons, we are unable to take students under the age of 6.

Our class prices are currently £6.50 for juniors (6-17 years) and £7.50 for senior students (18+). 

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