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About IKK Whitstable

IKK Whitstable is a family friendly local karate club where we offer two classes every Tuesday and Thursday. Our club is based at Swalecliffe Community Primary School in Whitstable, Kent. IKK Whitstable has three main instructors, Sensei Kevin, Senpai Emily and John, who along with a group of amazing helpers, have over 50 years of experience in traditional Kyokushin Karate. 


Our chief instructor, Sensei Kevin, has gained a wealth of knowledge in martial arts during a career which began with IKK Whitstable. Our junior instructors, Senpai Emily and John, both to began their karate journey with International Karate Kyokushin too. All of our instructors are specialists in different areas within Kyokushin Karate, however they all have a shared interest in nurturing and helping students develop their skills. 

IKK Whitstable is licensed under International Karate. IKK was established in 1996 by Kancho Paul Sarginson and the organisation prides itself on delivering the highest standard of karate and martial arts teaching. The IKK gives all students and instructors as many opportunities in their Martial Arts journey and regularly holds events such as:


- Knockdown Tournaments (full contact fighting)

- Clicker Tournaments (points based non-contact fighting)

- Kata Competitions (individual technique competition)

- IKK Summer Camp

- High grade classes

- Local displays

IKK Whitstable take pride in our family friendly atmosphere and we value our students and parents equally. The club is predominantly run by Sensei Kevin and Senpai Emily, who are father and daughter. As well as this, John began training as a result of his child already being part of the club. We enjoy a close relationship with the parents of our junior students, who have formed strong bonds between themselves over the years. We have a WhatsApp group chat in order to keep regular contact with the parents/carers of our junior students and our senior students. This is also used to plan group events such as beach days for the kids and 'curry nights' for our parents and senior students.



Due to COVID-19, we are currently implementing social-distancing during our classes. Read more about changes to lessons here.

All IKK Whitstable classes are held at Swalecliffe Community Primary School, Bridgefield Road, Whitstable, CT5 2PH. Our class prices are currently £6.50 for juniors (6-17 years) and £7.50 for senior students (18+). For juniors who wish to train in both the junior and adult class, the price to train for two hours is £10.

Karate classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday for all junior students from 6pm to 7pm. Due to the current climate, a change over period of fifteen minutes between the two classes is essential for us to provide a safe training environment for our students. Therefore the adult class begins at 7:15pm and ends at 8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


Sensei Kevin Cripps



Sensei Kevin began training in 2008 following in the footsteps of his eldest daughter. He achieved his 1st Dan black belt in December 2012, his 2nd Dan in June 2015 and earned his new title of Sensei in July 2018. 


Having competed in many knockdown competitions, he is the clubs knockdown coach and fitness specialist. After retiring from competitions, he became more actively involved in coaching our younger students during competitions and if he is not doing this, he participates as a referee. He won the prestigious IKK Student of The Year in 2012. 


Sensei Kevin is CRB Checked and First Aid Trained.

Senpai Emily Cripps


Senpai Emily began training in 2008 following in her father Sensei Kevin. She achieved her black belt in June 2019 after being a brown belt for 5 years.   

Senpai Emily runs the admin side of the club and is head of kata for IKK Whitstable having competed in and judged tournaments. She also received Student of the year for Whitstable club in 2018 for her dedication to the club.


Senpai Emily is First Aid Trained.

John Lamkin

Similarly to Sensei Kevin, John's karate journey began by watching his son train and compete. In 2012 he decided to begin participating and eight years on, he is hoping to grade for his black belt. 

At the age of 54, his fighting days are over but he enjoys sparring sessions in class, as well as the discipline of kihon and kata. He feels ready to pass on some of the knowledge he has gained over the years to our younger students. 

In John's own words: "IKK Whitstable is a great place to train for all ages and ability. Everyone is made to feel welcome, even us oldies!"




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