• IKK Whitstable

Summer Gradings 2022

The second IKK Coloured Belt Grading of the year took place on Saturday 2nd July. The first Brown and Black Belt Grading took place a day later. Well done to all those who graded, every student from the Whitstable club who graded passed!

Junior students who passed their grading:

Kip: 10th Kyu

Robyn, Harrison A, Harrison S and Leo: 10th Kyu Advanced

Aferdita, Leonardo, Ned, Lily, Jennifer, Travis and Jude: 9th Kyu

Seth: 9th Kyu Advanced

Freddie: 3rd Kyu Advanced

Senior students who passed and were awarded their full kyu grade:

Carol: 2nd Kyu

Arthur K: 1st Kyu

Also awarded a new grade was Sensei Kevin, who after four years was awarded his 4th Dan by Kancho Paul for services to Whitstable club and IKK. Congratulations to everyone who graded, you all did our club very proud.

Sensei Kevin, Senpai John, Toby, Arthur, Emily, Lillie, Peter and the whole IKK Whitstable team.