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IKK Whitstable Risk Assessment Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

IKK Whitstable Risk assessment post COVID-19 lockdown

1. Students who are feeling unwell, are not to train or enter the premises at any time.

2. Hands are to be washed and sanitised before entering the building (at home).

3. No one is to touch the door handle apon entering the building – door will be already open or will be opened by either Sensei Kevin Cripps or Senpai Emily Cripps.

4. Students will enter the building through the main entrance to the Infant hall and leave through the fire exit door and green gate – one way system. No parents will be allowed into the building at any time.

5. Apon signing in with Senpai Emily Cripps hand sanitiser will be on the table and student will be asked to hold their hands out as Emily will put the sanitiser onto the student’s hands – ONLY EMILY IS TO TOUCH THE HAND SANITISER ON THE DESK!

6. The toilets will be out of bounds to all students.

7. Sensei Kevin Cripps and Senpai Emily Cripps will be antibacterial spraying and wiping doors, chairs, table, etc before any students are allowed into the building.

8. Junior classes will run from 6pm till 7pm – students are prohibited from entering the building in groups, only one person to enter the building at a time.

9. After Junior students leave the building – doors, desk and anything touched will be wiped and sprayed with antibacterial.

10. Adult classes will be run 7.15pm till 8.30pm - students are prohibited from entering the building in groups, only one person to enter the building at a time.

11. Students are not allowed to be barefoot – socks, yoga socks, matt shoes or shoes must be worn while training.

12. Once all students have left hall, doors will be cleaned and sanitised. All equipment to be put away, doors closed and locked – everyone will leave the building.

13. Students will be prohibited from doing certain exercises, will be 2 meters apart at all times, numbers will be limited to 14 students – booking system in place.

We are aware that these changes will take time to get used to, however they are essential to ensure our students health and well-being whilst at the club.

Sensei Kevin, Senpai Emily, Senpai Mel, John and Emmie.

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