• IKK Whitstable

Sponsored Punch Night

Following on from last years successful Sponsored Kicks Night, on Tuesday 21st September 2021 and Thursday 23rd September 2021, IKK Whitstable held its first ever Sponsored Punch Night in aid of the charity Children with Cancer UK.

A massive well done to all of our junior students who just completed 1,000 punches, as well as our adult students who completed 2,000 punches during their class. A special mention goes to: Sensei Kevin for completing 6,000, Carol and Arthur for completing 4,000, Senpai John, Rosemary and Maddie for completing 3,000 and Josh for completing 2,000.

With all of the sponsorship and donations we manged to raise an amazing £650.00 for Children with Cancer UK. An massive thank you and well done! This is an amazing effort from all those to took part in the sponsored punch night, and a massive thank you to all those who donated!

Thank you, from the IKK Whitstable Team: Sensei Kevin, Senpai Emily, Senpai John, Lillie, and Peter.