• IKK Whitstable

October 2020 Newsletter

Since returning to inside training we have had great success; we are continuing to grow our club, students are progressing through the kyu grades and having more fun training.

On Tuesday 19th September we had sponsored kick night where juniors completed 500 kicks and adults 1,000 kicks and we raised £840.00 which will go towards new equipment and The Royal Marsden Cancer charity. We had some amazing kicks and some funny ones too, however, we are extremely proud of how much we raised and of our students. We have bought new focus pads, nunchaku, skipping ropes and dodge balls.

Our Website is back up and running - thanks to Lillie Cripps for working behind the scenes for us. Please take a look… www.ikkwhitstable.co.uk – all of our information and news will be up on the website for you all to look at.

Kyu gradings are fast approaching. Pre-grading is on 31st December 2020 and Grading is on 14th November 2020. The brown and black belt pre-grading is 1st November 2020 with the grading being held on 15th November 2020. ALL students have to attend pre gradings if they wish to grade, we will assess students and then book them in for the gradings – grading slips will be handed out.

With COVID restrictions constantly changing, we have spoken to our local MP and are currently allowed to stay inside training under an “organised sports club” which means the rule of 6 does not apply for now. If anyone would like a copy of the information sent to us, please ask. We will of course keep you all updated via the WhatsApp chat and via text link. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of you for your continued support throughout this very strange and un-predicted year.

Thank you, from the IKK Whitstable Team: Sensei Kevin, Senpai Emily, John, Lillie, Peter and Emmie.

Our New Address: Infant Building (top hall – white barrier), Swalecliffe Community Primary School, Bridgefield Rd, Whitstable CT5 2PH