• IKK Whitstable

IKK Whitstable Post COVID-19 Lockdown Newsletter

Welcome back to IKK Whitstable! We hope you are all well and are happy to be back to normality, I know that we are! A couple of things have changed over lockdown and we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to make training bigger and better!

First of all, WE HAVE MOVED! We decided to move locations, it’s a bigger hall, better parking, safer area and has more links for more students and events. We spent over 7 years at MAS Martial Arts Studio and we thoroughly enjoyed them however as a result of lockdown we were unable to come back to the premises. Swalecliffe Community Primary School has more possibilities for new students, we have a better chance of creating a youth class for all those wanting to move out of our junior class and chances to do displays and be a part of a bigger community.

The team is getting bigger, with Sensei Kevin taking a more senior part in the team and Sensei Russell stepping back due to personal reasons but will continue to be a massive part of our club. Senpai Emily will still be in charge of Kata and the day to day running of the club and attempting to teach more. Senpai Mel, Senpai Lawrence and John will be around more to help out with teaching and give the juniors time to see and train with different instructors. We also have Emmie joining the team working behind the scenes with Senpai Emily on all things advertising and fundraising.

We have set up a trading account with Blitz Sports so that all of our equipment and protection is cheaper for all of our parents, this will be displayed each week apon signing in. If you would like any other equipment, we can offer a discount on most Blitz Sports equipment and would be happy to help with anything we can. Our hoodies and t-shirts are still available, and we have more designs coming, bottles are still available for ordering and more on our equipment and protection list.

When we decided to open the club back up for social distanced classes, it took a lot of organising and risk assessments however the classes were well received, and we hope the students have enjoyed them as much as we have. It has been lovely to see everyone back training and we can’t wait for everything to return to normal very soon. We will continue to train outside as long as we can as our prices are reduced and the weather has been nice so far.

We have new student details, new starter packs, syllabus books and new equipment – we are trying to make our club as well run as possible, by having a bigger team and bringing our parents into this team. We have our WhatsApp group chat ‘IKK Whitstable’ for parents and instructors to keep in contact through lockdown and organise classes through the weeks.

From everyone at IKK Whitstable, we would like to say a massive thank you for all of your continued support through this difficult time and we hope that you are all happy to be back. Sensei Kevin, Senpai Emily, Senpai Mel, John and Emmie.

Our New Address: Infant Building (top hall – white barrier), Swalecliffe Community Primary School, Bridgefield Rd, Whitstable CT5 2PH