• IKK Whitstable

Summer Camp 2019

Last weekend saw the return of the annual IKK Summer Camp. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet new people within the IKK organisation and see friends outside your club. 

Every year an individual student from IKK Whitstable is picked by our instructors to receive the clubs Student of The Year award. This years decision proved difficult for our instructors, so for the first time ever, it was awarded to a junior and senior student for their dedication and commitment to the club. The junior award went to Freddie Heffer and the senior award was given to Arthur Kitchener. Congratulations to both Freddie and Arthur!

Summer Camp is also the time of year when IKK awards it's highest honours. The founder of our club, Kevin Charles, was awarded his 5th Dan Black Belt and the title of Shihan. Congratulations and thank you for all you've done for our club over the years Shihan Kevin, IKK Whitstable would not be the club it is today without you. 

Sensei Russell, Sensei Kevin, Senpai Norma, Senpai Mel and Emily.