• IKK Whitstable

Spring Gradings 2022

Updated: Apr 8

The first IKK Grading of the year took place on Saturday 26th March. Well done to all those who graded, every student from the Whitstable club who graded passed!

Junior students who passed their grading:

Robyn, Lukas, Harrison A, Harrison S and Leo: 10th Kyu

Aferdita, Leonardo, Ned, Lily, Jennifer, Travis and Jude: 10th Kyu Advanced

Seth: 9th Kyu

Martha: 8th Kyu

Senior students who passed and were awarded their full kyu grade:

Sophie: 10th Kyu

Will: 7th Kyu

Lucy: 6th Kyu

Lewis: 5th Kyu

Arthur and Josh: 4th Kyu

The grading presentations also gave Sensei Kevin the opportunity to award Senpai John officially with his certificate for his 1st Dan, which he graded for in December 2020.

Congratulations to everyone who graded, you all did our club very proud.

Sensei Kevin, Senpai John, Emily, Lillie, Peter and the whole IKK Whitstable team.